The Designer

Rob Feloy started designing sea kayaks as a 15-year-schoolboy and has since become internationally renowned. Today over 20 of his designs are in production in countries round the world. Best known, perhaps, is the Inuk but some of his bespoke designs have been used for expeditions that have made the global headlines, setting records that have yet to be beaten.

In 2008 James Castrission and Justin Jones used a kayak custom-designed by Rob Feloy to paddle across the hurricane-prone Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand, a crossing of 3,300km. They are the only kayakers to have completed the challenge.

 “Rob Feloy, your design ….. was brilliant. A big thank you”

– James Castrission in Crossing the Ditch, his book about paddling the Tasman.

Sean Morely chose a Rob Feloy design when he kayaked round Great Britain in 2004. His 7,200km-journey lasted six months, and was the first solo circumnavigation to encompass all of Great Britain’s inhabited islands: St Kilda, the Orkneys and Shetlands included.

“Rob convinced me to have a go in (his) Inuk and I have been in love with the boat ever since. I found the Inuk a beautifully stable platform from which I could apply full power to each stroke whatever the conditions. The kayak would respond to each paddle stroke, lifting slightly and accelerating, and downwind it would allow you to chase the smallest of swells with a willingness to please.”

– Sean Morely on the start of his sea kayaking passion.

After a previous attempt failed and his boat sank, former British soldier Peter Bray turned to Rob Feloy to design the kayak he successfully paddled across the Atlantic. His 76-day voyage in 2001 saw him paddling solo and unaided from Canada to Ireland.

The Inuk Ultra 20 is the latest – and one of the most radical – of Rob Feloy’s designs.