Marin Trek… from £2350.00


The “Marin Trek 18” is an expedition style sea kayak with an enviable pedigree. Developed from the C-Trek, modified and refined over the years we really love this kayak.  A low resistance hull form and long waterline makes for a fast cruising speed. The rounded hull cross section gives predictable handling in even the most challenging of conditions.  The “Marin Trek 18” is more suited to the larger paddler, and / or some one regularly wanting to carry a lot of gear.

Nominal paddler weight range is 70 kgs – 110 kgs but the kayak will cope with a paddler outside this range as there is also an allowance for gear to be carried.

Fitted with an adjustable skeg to trim the kayak for neutral cross-wind handling, plus a “Smart Track” rudder with comfortable full plate foot rest and tiller bar steering system for effortless steering and control.

The high foredeck and key hole cockpit with adjustable seat, thigh braces and back strap ensure a good fit and comfortable paddling position you would expect from an expedition style kayak.

A three bulkhead, four hatch lay out using “KajakSport” hatches including aft day hatch, plus two large oval storage hatches gives you plenty of dry stowage. The “day box” easily reached forward of the cockpit for convenient and secure stowage of radio, phone, keys etc. Ample deck lines and bungees for storage of spare paddles and gear. Comfortable carry handles fore and aft.

Kayak weight from:  25 kgs Performance Heavy Duty construction.


Designer: Rob Feloy
Construction types: Club HeavyDuty,      Performance Heavy Duty
Length: 564 cm – 18′ 6″
Beam: 585 mm – 1′ 11″
Depth: 430 mm – 1′ 5″
Paddler weight range: 70 – 110 kg
Max load 150kg
Compartment volumes: Aft: 100lts – Forward: 70 lts – Day box: 4.5 lts
Hatches: Round: 1 x 150mm & 1 x 200mm.   Oval:  2 x 460 mm x 340 mm
Cockpit Size: 820 mm x 410 mm (internal)
Height under cockpit: 325 mm

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Rob says: “If you pinned me down and I had to chose just one sea kayak, it would have to be the Marin Trek, but then it suits my paddling and my size !”