Prices & Offers

Current old stock kayaks available:  

These kayaks have all been used (except Mk 2 Fin 17 which is new) but only very lightly, some minor scratches but no chips, bangs, damage etc, basically are old stock boats but not demo boats.  They are in almost “as new condition”.  

All kayaks are Club HD construction.  All white hulls. The kayaks are fitted with the new solid plastic back band and you have a choice of the original seat or the newer lower profile seat.

Raz 14:   Club Heavy Duty construction.    White hull, Green / Yellow deck.               £1150. SOLD

Fin 16:  Club Heavy Duty construction.    White hull, Green / White deck.         £1250. SOLD

Fin 17:  Club Heavy Duty construction.    White hull, Red / White deck.                 £1750. This is a new / unused kayak, MK 2 Fin 17 sold at 2022 price.

Call Rob for further info / details.    07967 024676