INUK 18 Construction

I am delighted that the Inuk Ultra 18 is made by Kirton Kayaks with their legendary build quality and attention to detail. We have built on this by using fully CAD design and CNC tooling for kayak and parts ensuring a precision build.

The Inuk Ultra 18 is currently available in two constructions. Using Kirton’s most technologically advanced resin infusion process, choose from the No.1i (Expedition spec) a tough infused diolen reinforced glass fibre construction weighing approximately 26kg. Alternatively splash out on the No.14 light-weight construction (full carbon/kevlar) weighing approximately 21kg. Colours, flash designs and fit-out can be configured to suit your requirements however with the No.14 we recommend white for the most long-lasting and light-weight kayak.

For more details and pricing contact Ben or Lucy at Kirton Kayaks direct.