Inuk Ultra 20 Fast expedition sea kayak

The "Inuk Ultra 20" sea kayak, designed for unsupported expeditions with the emphasis on speed and ability to maintain its performance characteristics when fully loaded.

This kayak has evolved over the last few years with influences from my design work on ocean skis for Icon Surfcraft as well as developments of the original Inuk with Kirton Kayaks and the Inuk Evo sea kayaks for CSCanoe.

The hull has a shallow V form forward, flat bottomed mid section with hard chines and even rounded sections running aft to small transom. The hull has a lot rocker on keel line.  This gives a sleek and easily driven craft to eat up the miles.

The flat mid sections and chines allows the kayak to edge and carve well in turns (the "Inuk Ultra 20" is exceptionally manoeuvrable for a kayak of this length). The rocker and high volume ends makes for a kayak that will catch and surf ocean swells, it is truly fantastic paddling down wind in big seas !

The kayak has good initial and secondary stability allowing the paddler some reserve when they are tired after long hours paddling.

The high fore deck and key hole cockpit gives a comfortable and dynamic paddling position, either knees together (K-boat style) or out under the secure thigh braces for rougher conditions.  Seat is adjustable fwd- aft, adjustable backstrap as standard.

The  "Inuk Ultra 20" has a 4 hatch deck layout, 3 large hatches & 3 bulkheads with ample storage (will easily carry 50 – 60 kgs of gear) for expedition use with a small day hatch in front of the cockpit. Usual deck lines and bungees for storage of spare paddles and gear (custom layouts available).

Kayak is fitted with rudder as standard with an adjustable and very comfortable full plate foot rest incorporating tiller controls (and pump if required).

All "Inuk Ultra 20" sea kayaks are custom built by Inuk Kayaks Ltd offering a range of constructions, colours and deck designs and fit out configurations to suit your requirements.

See Inuk Ultra 20 Specifications >>

For more details contact Rob at Inuk Kayaks Ltd.  

0044 7967 024676

From 2017 the "Inuk Ultra 20" is available from Kirton Kayaks, UK.