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The Raz is a shorter hybrid sea kayak, a cross over between a day touring and play boat style kayak.  The design considerations were originally for an easy to handle, manoverable kayak, with emphasis towards performance in rough water and the surf zone.  However over the last 18 months or so of paddling and testing we have come to realise that the Raz is such an easy kayak to handle that it also suits the beginner / intermediate paddler as an all-round kayak.

Although relatively short at sub 15 ft the Raz still has enough hull speed to day paddle and explore the coast with good stowage volume for week-end trips.

The high volume bow with lots of rocker, a shallow V- flat hull cross section and hard chines gives the Raz great manoeuvrability and handling, really coming into its own playing in waves and tide races.

The Raz is equipped with a two bulkhead, three hatch deck layout, two large hatches with storage for week-end use with a “day box” in front of the cockpit. Deck lines and bungees for storage of gear and spare paddles. Comfortable carry handles fore and aft.

The adjustable seat, thigh braces and footrests ensure a good paddling fit.

The “Raz 14” will fit a wide range in paddler sizes and abilities, a good choice if you are looking for an “all rounder” from pottering to playing in the surf to short day / week end trips.

Kayak weight from:  22 kgs Performance Heavy Duty construction.


Designer: Rob Feloy
Construction types: Club Heavy Duty:        Performance Heavy Duty:
Length: 450 cm – 14′ 9″
Beam: 575 mm – 1′ 10″
Depth: 400 mm – 1′ 4″
Paddler weight range: sub 60kgs  – 110 kg
Max load 120kg
Compartment volumes: Aft: 100lts – Forward: 70 lts – Day box: 4.5 lts
Hatches: Round: 200mm  & 150mm   – Oval: 460 mm x 340 mm
Cockpit Size: 820 mm x 410 mm (internal)
Height under cockpit: 310 mm

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Rob says: “I’ve paddled the Dart in mine but you do need a reasonable water level !”

Raz 14     4