Inuk Duo Construction

The INUK DUO double is custom built to order and we are happy to discuss your specific requirements and will be able to taylor the build to suit.

We offer a limited range of constructions, which would best be described as “Hi-Tech composites”.  In order to build this kayak with the approiate level of strength and robustness for rough water / expedition use and keep the weight to a sensible figure for handling ashore “Hi-Tech composites” are the only real option.  Simple GRP / Polyester resin / glass / diolen type constructions would neither be strong enough or light enough to handle.

We use a mix of fabrics in multiple layers ( glass,  carbon,  carbon / kevlar hybrids, dolen / kevlar hybrids, spectra / carbon hybrids ) together with various core materials to optimise strength and stiffness throughout the hull and deck.  The resin systems are epoxy, infused and vac bagged and heat cured to optimise their performance.  The external finish is Polyester Gel coat for durability and ease of cosmetic repair.

Internal and external Kevlar tape joins around seams, bulkheads are laminated glass / carbon, again bonded in with Kevlar tapes and epoxy resin systems.

Weights range from approx. 34 kgs dependent upon construction,  the Demo kayak that has now been test paddled for approx. a year weighs in at approx. 38 kgs. 

These weights include all hatches and covers / fittings / rudder, foot plate etc.

We are also happy to discuss specific colours or deck graphics.

See short video of resin infusion at work (pretty much like watching paint dry !).

Infusion clip                                  Infusion clip 2