Headland Kayaks.



Inuk Kayaks are the distributers for Headland Kayaks range in the UK.  We have a number of demo kayaks  currently available for test paddles.

For further info on Headland Kayaks range of kayaks please see:  Headland Kayaks: http://headlandkayaks.com

Available kayaks are:

Finisterre 16 & Finisterre 17.     Raz 14.     Marin Trek.     Nemo 18L.        Nemo 21 K2. 

For further info please give Rob a call ……        Rob Feloy, Inuk Kayaks Ltd.   07967 024676.

               Email: rob@inukkayaks.co.uk


Shaun Rodgers, Sea Kayaking Cornwall.  Shaun: 07876 522 984.