Headland Kayaks


2023 Update:  Inuk Kayaks are again the importer and UK distributer for the Headland range of kayaks.  We generally do not carry stock boats in the UK however Inuk Kayaks have a limited number of demo kayaks available for test paddles.

Our factory do usually carry a range of stock boats and can manufacture to order quickly, usually within 2 – 3 weeks.  Delivery into the UK will depend upon when we are shipping other boats, rowing boats, dragon boats etc into the UK but we have containers shipped every couple of months or so.

For further info on the Headland range of kayaks please see:  Headland Kayaks: http://headlandkayaks.com

Available kayaks to demo are:

Rob Feloy, Inuk Kayaks Ltd.   07967 024676.
Email: rob@inukkayaks.co.uk