Asymmetric / Euro paddles.

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Inuk Asymmetric / Euro blades:   These are full carbon blades with full carbon shafts.  The blades are available in three sizes.  The shafts are available as either straight or cranked shafts.

The full carbon Inuk 685 Crank is our most popular paddle, a top quality sea and touring paddle.

These paddles are also available made in glass, a straight two-piece shaft with glass blades. A good quality affordable paddle or an ideal set of spares.

Blades:               (600. 685 & 710 currently in stock.)

Inuk Asymmetric 710:    Largest blade at 710 cm2.      Dimensions: 450mm x 220mm.

Inuk Asymmetric 685:    Mid size blade at 685 cm2.     Dimensions: 475mm x 180mm

Inuk Asymmetric 600:    Smallest blade at 600 cm2.     Dimensions: 460mm x 170mm

The blades have a slight dihedral on the power face with a shallow curve in both planes.  The majority of the blade is solid carbon laminate with a foam core in the mid section.  The shape and the thin edges give a very quiet and smooth blade entry with little or no flutter.  Combined with the neutral crank shaft these paddles are a joy to use.

Shafts:   All are two piece, either straight (glass shaft) or cranked (full carbon). Shafts have a length adjustment of 100mm and rotation adjustment,  RH or LH    0 – 90 degree.  Locking of the shaft is by a low profile nylon over-centre clamp.  Shaft length to order. (200 – 210  or  210 – 220cm). Shaft diameter of the straight shafts is 28mm with a slight oval at hand grip to max of 31mm. Shaft diameter of the cranked shafts is 28mm with a pronounced oval at hand grip to max of 34mm. This is a neural crank giving a well balanced and stable paddle, reducing fatigue.  A crank shaft is a must for paddlers who suffer from wrist issues.  This shaft has a particularly comfortable hand grip with a slight swelling of the shaft either side of the grip allowing a positive location of the grip.

Current stock:          (Stock availability from Jan 2021).

Inuk Asymmetric 685 CARBON.  Mid size, crank shaft, 2 piece, (blade area 685 cm2)   paddle weight 750 gms.                                  Price. ….  £285.00      (includes a padded travel bag).

Inuk Asymmetric 685 GLASS.   GLASS blade & GLASS shaft. Mid size, straight shaft,  2 piece, (blade area 685 cm2)   paddle weight 780 gms.                        Price.….  £160.00

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For further information contact Rob Feloy.  I am very happy to discuss which paddle maybe most suited to your requirements.

Mobile: 07967 024676