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Inuk 740 Wing Paddles

Order Code: Wing 740 C-C – 200. (crank 200 – 210cm)

Order Code: Wing 740 C-C – 210. (crank 210 – 220cm)

Order Code: Wing 740 C-S – 200. (straight 200 -210cm)

Order Code: Wing 740 C-S – 210. (straight 210 – 220cm)

These are full carbon blades with full carbon shafts.  The blade is a mid size wing with a moderate aerofoil cross section, a stable and powerful blade. The Inuk 740 wing is suited to fitness and racing paddlers, a good choice for FSK or Ski paddlers or touring paddlers who want to go further and faster. Both the blades and the shafts are beautifully finished in clear carbon.


The Inuk 740 wing is available with either a two piece straight shaft or unique to Inuk Paddles with our full carbon neutral crank shaft. Shafts have a length adjustment of 100mm and rotation adjustment,  RH or LH    0 – 90 degree.  Locking is with a low profile nylon cam lock.  

Inuk 740 Crank Wing:

A mid size wing blade with full carbon neural crank shaft. A well balanced and stable paddle, reducing fatigue.  Shaft diameter is 28mm with a pronounced oval at hand grip to max of 34mm. This shaft has a particularly comfortable hand grip with a slight swelling of the shaft either side of the grip allowing a positive location of the grip. A crank shaft wing can be a real benefit for paddlers who suffer from wrist or elbow joint issues.  

Teck / Specs:  

Weight:  730 gms.

Material:  Carbon Pre-preg.

Length:  200 – 210cm  / 210 – 220cm.    (crank or straight)

Blade dimensions: 500mm x 155mm  Area:  735 cm2

Shaft:  Crank / oval, 28-34mm dia.  Straight / oval, 28-32mm dia. 

PRICE:  Crank: £295.00

Straight: £250.00

Paddled travel bag:  £10.50

Post / shipping UK.  £12.00