Inukstik Greenland Paddles –


Order Code: Inukstik – 215 (215 – 225cm).

Order Code: Inukstik – 220 (220 – 230cm)

INUKSTIK is our new West Greenland style paddle. Tbe INUKSTIK is a strong yet light full carbon two piece Greenland paddle, beautifully finished in clear carbon. The blade shape is the traditional West Greenland style with a symmetrical dihedrail cross section.

The thin and well rounded edges to the blade gives a smooth and quiet catch and stroke. The foam filled, buoyant blades allowing effortless and confident paddling and rolling. Strong and comfortable 30mm diameter shaft with a comfortable and positive grip on the rounded shoulders of the blades. INUKSTIK is fitted with the robust Kajak Sport shaft joint to allow easy split and length adjustment.

If you are into your Greenland paddling the INUKSTIK is a very good value, top quality carbon West Greenland style paddle or alternatively a light, strong and easily stowable spare split paddle.

Even if you are not a Greenland paddle aficionado, carrying an INUKSTIK Greendland paddle has benefits. Interchanging between a Euro blade and a Greenland paddle allows a change in style, change in muscle groups and reduced fatigue.

Tech / Spec:

Weight:  700 gms.

Material:  Carbon Pre-preg. Foam filled blades.

Length:  220cm adjustable to 230cm 215 – 225cm (specific lengths to order)

Blade: Length 850mm, max width 95mm.  Area:  560 cm2

Shaft:  Round, 30mm dia. 

Joint: KajakSport, plastic over-lock cam.

PRICE:  £260.00

Paddled travel bag:  £10.50

Post / shipping UK.  £12.00