Euro paddle – INUK 600

INUK 600

Inuk 600 crank: Order Code: 600 C-C – 200:

Our smallest Euro style blade if you are looking for a slightly smaller paddle.

A premium quality, all carbon paddle with a buoyant foam core blade, combined with the neutral crank shaft these paddles are a joy to use. Both the blades and the cranked shafts are beautifully finished in clear carbon.

The small-size Euro style blades have a slight dihedral and shallow rib on the power face with a shallow curve in both planes.  The majority of the blade is solid carbon laminate with a foam core in the mid section.  The shape and the thin edges give a very quiet and smooth blade entry with little or no flutter.  

The same neural crank shaft as on the Inuk 685 giving a well balanced and stable paddle, reducing fatigue.  Shaft diameter is 28mm with a pronounced oval at hand grip to max of 34mm. This shaft has a particularly comfortable hand grip with a slight swelling of the shaft either side of the grip allowing a positive location of the grip. A crank shaft is a must for paddlers who suffer from wrist issues.  

Shafts have a length adjustment of 100mm and rotation adjustment,  RH or LH    0 – 90 degree.  Locking of the shaft is by a low profile KajakSport over-centre clamp.  Shaft length:  200 – 210cm (stock paddle)  (specific lengths to order plus £25.00). 

Tech / Spec:

Weight:  750 gms.

Material:  Carbon Pre-preg. Foam core blade.

Length:  200 – 210cm  standard.    (specific lengths to order plus £25.00)

Blade  Dimensions: 460mm x 170mm  Area:  600 cm2

Shaft:  Crank / oval, 28-34mm dia. 

PRICE:  £295.00

Custom lengths plus  £25.00

Paddled travel bag:  £10.50

Post / shipping UK.  £12.00

The INUK 600 is also available with straight carbon shaft to order. To discuss your requirements please contact Rob.

PRICE:  £250.00

Paddled travel bag:  £10.50

Post / shipping UK.  £12.00