Custom Made White Water Paddles.

Ophion white water paddles: From £240.

Inuk Paddles are now importers and suppliers for Ophion Paddles.

Ophion produce super strong premium grade white water paddles.

We stock the Katana range, a premium quality river running / playboating paddles, we offer as a custom paddle service. 

We use the Ophion Katana blades, a super durable all round river running blade combined with the Ophion WW grade super strong shafts.

We will assemble and fit your paddle, custom length and custom feather angle, RH / LH control to your choosing.

We have an adjustable demo paddle for you to test on the river and decide on length / angle etc.

You can select between glass or carbon blades, glass or carbon straight shafts, we assemble to your requirements. Ergo bent shafts to special order only.

The Katana belongs to the range of Ophion’s whitewater paddles. It is designed to be dynamic and powerful, while maintaining stability and precision. The Katana blade was designed from scratch up and has been made to be smooth with a traditional stroke. We are using the latest composite materials in a unique design.

What’s best about the Ophion Katana? Most customers highlight the durability and the craftmanship of the Katana.

Why is it called Katana Allstar? The blade shape of this version of the Ophion Katana makes you an allstar on the river. It does not matter if you are going playboating, river-running or creeking, this one fits all.

Blade surface area available: 

Small: 660 cm2, Medium: 695 cm2, Large: 760 cm2,

Current stock:  We have large, medium or small blades, Glass or full Carbon.

Paddle weight: cc. 1030g/200cm. Medium glass blade / glass WW shaft.

                                  950g/200cm. Medium glass blade / carbon WW shaft.

                                  900g/200cm. Medium carbon blade / carbon WW shaft.

                                  Split system.  Plus 65g.

Prices:  One piece / straight shafts.

Glass blade / Glass WW shaft. £240.00

Glass blade / Carbon WW shaft. £260.00

Carbon blade / Carbon WW shaft. £300.00


Current stock:  Glass or full Carbon Straight only WW spec.

The standard shafts, both glass & carbon have a slight oval at the hand grip and also have a slight texture as standard.  Most paddlers will find the standard shaft grip more than adequate.

However if you do want a more grip We can supply “Power Grip” as a special order.

Power grip:

Does your hand slip on your paddle shaft? You have tried it all, but you still didn’t find the perfect thing for grip? Do you need a perfect grip forever? Here it is! POWER GRIP It is a part of the shaft (on hand control side), which is coated with special textured coat, that provides you with the ultimate grip surface. Your hand will never ever lose a grip on your shaft again!

Ergo bent shafts:

We can supply paddles with either the “Ergo Neutral” or “Ergo Power Torque” cranked shafts as a special order. These cranked shafts are only available in carbon and are to the same super strong WW spec.

Split system weight: cc. 65g

We can supply “Split System” as a special order.

Split system allows paddle to break down in half. It is adjustable in length of 10cm and blade off set on any degree.

Prices: Vary dependent on the spec you chose. Call Rob to discuss on 07967 024676.