Euro paddle – INUK 710

INUK 710 crank:

Order Code: 710 C-C – 200: (200-210cm)

Our largest Euro style blade. A robust and powerful white water style paddle.  The blade is solid carbon laminate with additional reinforcements along edges and tip of blade.    

The Inuk 710 blade is fitted to the Inuk neural crank shaft giving a well balanced and stable paddle.  Shaft diameter is 28mm with a pronounced oval at hand grip to max of 34mm. This shaft has a particularly comfortable hand grip with a slight swelling of the shaft either side of the grip allowing a positive location of the grip.

Shafts have a length adjustment of 100mm and rotation adjustment,  RH or LH    0 – 90 degree.  Locking of the shaft is by a low profile KajakSport over-centre clamp.  Shaft length:  (200 – 210  or  210 – 220cm). 

Tech / Spec:

Tech / Spec:

Weight:  1010 gms.

Material:  Carbon Pre-preg. Solid carbon blade.

Length:  200 – 210cm. (210 – 220cm to order only)

Blade  Dimensions: 450mm x 220mm  Area:  710 cm2

Shaft:  Crank / oval, 28-34mm dia. 

PRICE:  £320.00

Paddled travel bag:  £10.50

Post / shipping UK.  £10.50

The Inuk 710 is also available to order with a 210 – 220cm crank shaft.